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Attend the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter Session in our award winning gymnastics program.

Here at Genesis Gymnastics, we pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe, confidence building program for all ages.

PARENT AND TOT - Ages 18 months to 3 years

Designed to enhance motor, listening and social skills of young children through fun gymnastic activities. Parent and Tot programs are a great way for parents to share a fun exercise experience with their child.


KINDER - Ages 3 years to 4 years

A 60 minute program for pre-school aged children will shift to teaching tasks and skills. Children will be encouraged to explore their own abilities and develop self-confidence. Children’s love for gymnastics will grow as they bounce, tumble and flip towards a great foundation for all other endeavours.

1 HOUR RECREATIONAL - Ages 4 years to 6 years

Genesis Gymnastics believes that gymnastics is the foundation for all sports. By improving strength, coordination, flexibility and balance, children will develop a great base of fitness and flexibility for all other physical activities. This fun 60 minute class allows children to progress through a level system at their own pace, helping them develop a positive and healthy self-image.

1.5 HOUR RECREATIONAL - Ages 5 years to 7 years

A slightly more advanced program this 1.5 hour class will focus developing basic and more advanced gymnastics skills. Coaches will steer athletes to develop at their own pace, while having fun and developing strength, coordination and overall fitness.

2 HOUR RECREATIONAL - Ages 8 years to 12 years / 13 and up

The 2 hour class provides a full level of instruction for teens and adults. Coaches will guide the teens and adults in developing their basic and advanced gymnastics skills. Instruction will include all gymnastic equipment, including the trampoline, Athletes will be encouraged to work at their own pace and ask for assistance as needed. All levels, including beginners are welcome.

BOUNCE & TUMBLE - Ages 8 and up

The focus in this class is to work on progressions for floor and tumbling skills using a variety of rebounding equipment (ie Tumble Track, Tramp Board, Mini Trampoline and Spring Floor). Excellent class for dancers who want to learn and perfect their floor skills.


Think it’s too late to start gymnastics? Think again. Gymnastics is a fun way to get active an stay fit and it’s not your usual trip to the gym. Come out and try something different than your usual workout!


This class is by invitation only.


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